How to Slide, Dive Head First, and Baserunning Tips for Softball Players

How to Slide, Dive Head First, and Baserunning Tips for Softball Players

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Follow along with Lexi and “Stevie” to learn How to Slide: Pop-Up Slide, Hook Slide, Hook & Stab, Head First Dive, and more. We also discuss Baserunning tips for running through 1st base and lead offs. Notice through the entire video…Isabel is unable to get us out! POP-UP SLIDE: Sandwiches provided by Coach Todd. HOOK & STAB: Coach Joe…this one is dedicated to you. Stevie has signed her NLI to play softball at Cottey College in Missouri starting in the Fall of 2020 (COVID willing). Someone please get her a Top Gun sticker for her helmet. Although, I’m loving the throwback Dirt Devil logo!!! THIS CHANNEL IS ALL ABOUT SOFTBALL (and a lot about slapping) Wait…What is SLAP HITTING??? For anyone stumbling across my channel who doesn’t know what a Slap Hitter is, WELCOME! You are in for a speedy treat. Slappers are the fast, lefties that you see running through the box while they are hitting. Here is a quick video from Natasha Watley (2x Olympian Slapper, UCLA). My true inspiration comes from my mom (lifelong coach) and India Chiles from Slapper Nation/Tennessee who both played a tremendous role in my progress as a triple threat. If you are interested in joining our Friday Zoom Group Lessons during May 2020, send me an email to request the link and password. Stay healthy and HAPPY on quarantine…and see you hitting the dirt soon.
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