Bless Unleashed | Play FREE Now on PlayStation®4

Bless Unleashed | Play FREE Now on PlayStation®4

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Bless Unleashed is the premier next-generation MMORPG, available now on Xbox and PlayStation! Built for mature audiences, Bless Unleashed takes players on an epic multiplayer journey across a vibrant persistent world, and tasks the brave with battling – and surviving – vicious, lethal monsters that inhabit this untamed landscape. The most visually stunning MMORPG for console. Unparalleled graphics made possible by Unreal 4. Deeply rewarding combo-driven gameplay mechanics and persistent progression book-end an experience handcrafted for online play. An open persistent world challenges players to survive a menagerie of mythical beasts… and each other. Integrated PVP provides danger at every turn. Follow Bandai Namco Entertainment: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Twitch:
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