Ace Combat Infinity – PSN – Co-op Missions Trailer

Ace Combat Infinity – PSN – Co-op Missions Trailer

投稿者:Bandai Namco Entertainment America   動画の投稿時間:2013-10-19 01:13:42
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Join the conversation! The “Online Co-op Missions” is a completely new mode where 4 players create one ally formation and compete with another rival ally team in exclusive missions such as taking back the city from enemy troops, or destroying the enemy troop base. The strategy is decided by each player and each team. Will you choose to the strongest enemies accompanied by allies first or to go after the enemies that the rival troops did not destroy? Even the goal is up to the players: will you aim to “accomplish a huge success by cooperating with both teams”, “totally compete with the rival team and outwin them”, or “demonstrate your skills by proving how much they took part in the team”? In addition, by using the rewards gained from playing the “Online Co-op Missions”, you will be able to unlock your favourite aircraft and enhance them. The more you play, the more you get strategic option choices for special weapons and aircraft.
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